Wooden Flooring


There are several options to consider when first deciding on wooden flooring.  Do you want laminated boards or solid wood. 


Laminate flooring - The easy clean properties of laminate flooring make it an ideal choice for busy homes. Suitable for various rooms including living rooms, dining rooms and hallways; it is practical, fuss-free and simple to install.  Available in a huge range of finishes from traditional wood to a slate or stone finish. 


Solid wood floors are the first word in luxurious, premium flooring,  Built to last, solid wood floors are exactly what they say, planks of 100% pure wood and they come in a range of colours and finishes.  You can sand down and re-stain solid wood floors multiple times over the years, and because they are so hard wearing, they are an ideal choice for even the busiest of rooms. 


In the project below, a young and busy family wanted something practical that would last; so they chose to have solid wooden flooring in all areas. Whilst the initial outlay is more expensive than a laminate option; it will be much longer hardwearing and of course, it can be stripped and revarnished if the need arises or even if you just fancy a change of colour, so pays for itself in the end.

Wooden Floor - Stain and Varnishing


As mentioned above, wooden flooring is a hard wearing solution and is ideal for a commercial environment.  It can be refurbished regularly to ensure that it remains in situ for as long as possible; therefore making the initial outlay worth its while. 


In order to restore this floor to its former glory, we stripped it back, sanded it down
gently; repaired any damaged floorboards; and then stained and lacquered it

Carpet Laying


With so much choice now, carpet will always be a popular option when it comes to flooring.  


The rule of thumb in selecting a carpet is location, location, location.  It pays dividends to spend slightly more for higher quality carpets for area of high wear such as hallways and livings areas, but you may well be able to say some cash on the areas of less frequent use. 


The choice in this example was a high wear location that led straight into the garden.  A stain resistant and washable carpet was the right selection. 


The area was screeded, insulated, then the correct grade underlay and carpet were fitted. 

Altro Flooring


Altro flooring is a hygienic solution that can be used in both the commercial and domestic environment. It is also cost effective as it is hard wearing but can also be patch repaired when damaged


It is slip resistant, even when wet, has a grout free impervious surface and is easy
to clean with a resilient surface

Altro Flooring - Domestic Installation 


Our elderly clients wanted a new bathroom floor that would be easy to clean and level as well as safe when wet - altro flooring is the perfect solution. We had to remove five layers of previous flooring, level the floor with screed, ensure drainage was adequate before installing Grey altro flooring and black skirting.

Altro Flooring - Commercial Installation 


Whether it is laying a complete new floor or carrying out patch repairs - altro flooring does the job and is the perfect solution for commercial kitchens.

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