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Blockwork paving is certainly one of the most attractive types of paved surfaces, with interesting patterns and designs and as well as it being able to fit and mould around existing corners, features and pathways. Whatever drainage you currently have, we can assess to make sure this is up to standard and if not we can make sure this is taken care of. We can make sure you have no standing water or other drainage problems that can be associated with hard landscaping. Block work can be used not only on drives, but also for pathways and path details, and can also be used for disabled access.



The client wanted a driveway with a traditional gravel finish but was worried about drainage, cars sinking and the old problem of the gravel moving everywhere.


We sourced a product called "Nedoplast" which is a permeable paving solution. The product will withstand occasional large Lorries such as removal lorries, horse boxes, skip lorries and oil deliveries


 It takes upto 16mm diameter of stone / gravel and allows water to simply run through the gravel and membrane so it is completely porous.


A pratical solution; it can be edged in many ways:

1. Brick & Cement
2. Haunched concrete
3. Tanalised timber
4. Specialist edging
5. Tarmacadam (for ramping to existing surfaces)

It is cost effective as you can use the existing drive as a sub-base for the nidaplast, however this can cause drainage problems with non-porous materials.


Another plus is that the semi-permeable membrane which is glued to the underside of the product will help stop weeds growing.

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