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Residential and Commercial - Building and Maintenance Services


Our approach to providing the highest quality services in relation to building and maintenance services is very simple and involves trust, competence and integrity. 


These have been our principles since day one and it is why we are proud to say we achieve repeat business across the South East area.


Our reputation is built on you. From the simplest to the most complex job; R J Builders are committed to serving our customers and getting the job done right. 



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Our approach to providing the highest quality property building and maintenance services is very simple – it’s all about trust, competence and integrity.We serve both residential and commercial clients across the South East.


Our ability to deliver high quality building projects is second to none. No matter what you need, we bring extensive knowledge and know-how to every task.


Extending your home is becoming an increasingly popular choice with homeowners who are looking for more space.  They can take many forms and can be used for any purpose that the client wishes, from a porch or conservatory to a complex extension used for mutiple purposes - kitchen, dining & entertaining.

Our Portfolio 

We have successfully completed an impressive variety of construction projects. We've built up so much experience over the years with a dedicated and loyal team that is able to deliver projects reliably, on time and within budget.


Our portfolio demonstrates our ability to manage and construct a huge variety of jobs for customers, whatever their requirements. Please take the time to view a few.

Members of Regulated Bodies & Agencies

Most industries have a professional body, normally an association or institute, which individuals or Companies, with the appropriate background or experience can join.  What do we gain?  Is it worth the time or the money to do?  Here are the benefits from our point of view....


Most of the institutions that we are members of undertake a thorough assessment process that applicants must pass before they are granted membership.  In order to become members of the organisations whose logos appear below; we have been interviewed, provided details of work references, passed stringent background checks and have provided a range of documents to demonstrate that we hold the relevant licenses and insurance policies to undertake your work. 


Our work is continually monitored; and we invite all customers to provide feedback for everyone to read and benefit from. 


So our answer is a resounding YES.  Here at R J BUILDERS, we definately feel that it is worth both the time and the money to join these bodies.  Continued membership keeps us on our toes and it demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that all customers; past, present and future, are provided with a service that WE can be proud of and YOU, the customer can be happy and confident with. 


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